Urban planning

Permits and Forms
Permits and Forms

Construction permits, certicates of authorization and statement of work

Before you do any work on your property, find out from the urban planning department whether or not you need to obtain a construction permit or certificate of authorization. The following is a partial list of construction projects that require a permit or certificate:
  • Any new construction (for example a home, garage, tool shed or swimming pool)
  • Any expansion of a main building or accessory building
  • Moving or demolishing a main building or accessory building
  • Most exterior or interior renovations, including adding or replacing doors, windows or walls, or finishing the basement
  • Adding a granny suite
  • Any land excavation or backfilling
  • Any structures or work on a lakeshore, riverbank, littoral zone or floodplain
  • The installation, modification or renovation of a sign
  • Any change in the use of an office, commercial or industrial building, or other type of building
  • Cutting down one or more trees.

Permit application forms

Demande de certificat d’autorisation – Rénovations et réparations (French only)

Demande de certificat d’autorisation et de permis de construction (French only)
(for the following works: Carport, Extension, Clearance / Backfill, Demolition of a building, Relocation of a building, Attached or incorporated garage, Septic installation, Retaining wall (over 1.20m), Chicken coop / Parquet / Farmhouse, Well, Shore or coast, Veranda)

Demande de certificat d’autorisation – Piscine hors terre, semi-creusée ou creusée (French only)

Demande de certificat d’occupation et d’installation d’enseigne (French only)

Demande de permis de construction – Garage isolé et remise (French only)

Demande de permis d’abattage d’arbres  / Plan à joindre (French only)

Demande de permis de déboisement (French only)

Statement of work

Note that the Municipality has introduced the Déclaration de conformité des travaux [statement on compliance of construction work], a compliance monitoring tool for structures and accessory facilities considered to be low-impact. This mandatory statement is FREE OF CHARGE and must be completed by anyone wishing to build a fence, low wall, hedge, retaining wall, hot tub, porch, balcony, glass porch, patio, gloriette, pergola, residential greenhouse or parking space.
If you are unsure about whether or not you need a permit, please call 514-453-4128, and we will be pleased to assist you.

Permits for snow removal contractors

Snow removal contractors for entrances and private parking lots must have a snow removal permit, valid from September 1 to August 30 of the following year, and must agree to comply with all the criteria established by the City regarding the snow removal ( Règlement 526  ).


The price for the issuance of the snow removal permit is:

  • 1) If the contractor is domiciled outside the municipality :
    • $100 for the single-family, two-family and three-family residential category (isolated, semi-detached and contiguous)
    • $100 for the multifamily, commercial, industrial, agricultural and institutional category;

    A contractor carrying out operations in both categories must pay the fees of both categories.

  • 2) Free if the entrepreneur is domiciled within the limits of the municipality.

Permit Application