Residual Material Collection

Household Waste
Since the end of December 2018, household waste is collected every two Fridays, after 7 a.m. The collection is automated and uses 360-litre wheeled grey bins bearing the municipal logo.

Il y aura collecte des rebuts qui ne peuvent être contenus dans votre bac le 3e vendredi de chaque mois (nouvelle journée de collecte en 2014). Voir la page Rebuts volumineux.

Who owns the bin?

Bins belong to the building; therefore, you must leave them behind if you move.

When and where should bins be set out?

Position_bac_bleu_sans texteWheeled bins for household waste must be placed at the curb between 9 p.m. on the night before the collection and 7 a.m. on the day of the collection, which is FRIDAY throughout Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot. Bins must be put away within 12 hours of the collection. Bins must not be placed on the street, but in a driveway or on the property. They must be positioned on the property, in the driveway crossing, as close to the sidewalk as possible, without encroaching on the roadway, bicycle path or sidewalk.
  • The Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot logo on the front of the bin must face the street (similar to recycling bins). Do not place anything on or around the bin. The bin must be 30 cm away from surrounding objects.

  • Waste must be arranged in the bin so that the lid can be closed completely.

  • No container or bag left outside the bin will be emptied or collected.

If your bin is too small, it may be time to start recycling more (extra recycling bins are available for $90 each).

How many bins are allocated for each type of building?

  • Single family: one bin
  • Multi-unit (including condominiums): one bin for every two dwellings (rounded up)
  • Commercial and industrial: one bin

Waste placed in a 360-litre container not bearing the municipal logo will not be collected.