Snow Removal

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Online snow removal tracking tool

Click on the link to learn about the progress of snow removal operations in NDIP.
The snow removal tracking tool lets you know when was the last passage of a snow removal or abrasive / fluxing vehicle. The map shows us, using a color code, the progress of snow removal activities throughout the city.

DONE 2 HOURS AGO (in green)

DONE 2 TO 4 HOURS AGO (in yellow)

DONE 4 TO 12 HOURS AGO (in orange)


This tool allows you to track only the trucks of the snow removal contractor. During the spreading operations of fluxes and / or abrasives only, the map shows us the progress of operations in the sectors served by the contractor, namely:

  • Perrot, Saint-Joseph, Virginie-Roy and Don-Quichotte blvds (in part);
  • Forest, Huot, Rivelaine, Perrier, Pasteur, Jordi-Bonnet streets and promenade Saint-Louis (in part);
  • Various parts of steeply sloping street as well as their access street (in part).

This totals 40% of the streets that are under the responsibility of the Contractor.

The spreading of fluxes / abrasives on side streets is the responsibility of the City. Since municipal trucks are not equipped with compatible tracking devices, their movements are not shown on the map.

Snow Removal Operations

Parking in the streets overnight in the winter

From November 15 to April 1, overnight parking in the street will be prohibited in Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, from midnight to 7 a.m., only when snow removal activities are to be expected due to weather forecasts.

The City will announce the suspension of the overnight parking authorization at 4:30 p.m., when snowfall is announced.

It is very important to obey the parking ban notice to facilitate the movement of snow removal vehicles and ensure the safety of all road users during snowfall. Citizens are also invited to avoid parking their car in the street during the day as much as possible during snow removal operations, for example while waiting for their private snow removal contractor to pass. The presence of cars greatly hinders the work of snow removal crews. The City counts on the collaboration of all. Residents will be able to obtain information on overnight parking bans via the automated message at 514 453-4128, on the website and the city’s Facebook page .

We thank you for your collaboration.

Dumping snow on the road is prohibited!

You are reminded that, under the nuisance bylaw, it is strictly prohibited to dump snow from a private property onto a sidewalk or roadway. It is a matter of good citizenship and road safety. Please think about it.

The minimum fine is $200 for an individual and $400 for a corporate entity.

Hiring an authorized snow removal contractor

As a home owner, the City asks you to ensure that the contractor you hire to remove snow from your parking area has a permit issued by the City. We thank you for your cooperation.

List of authorized snow removal contractors

Contractor Phone
Déneigement Mongrain 514-453-4454
Pierrot Construction inc. 514-892-8195