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Residential Projects
Residential Projects

Vision and Residential Projects


City council devotes a great deal of time and energy to trying to find a balance between environmental priorities, quality of life of citizens and financial management of the city. This balance is fragile: these are 3 priorities clearly established since the beginning of the Council’s mandate.

The Council’s vision is to prioritize the quality of life of the entire population, to develop and improve green and wooded spaces for the benefit of all and to minimize the impact on the quality of life of the citizens affected by future residential projects, in respect of the importance given to the environment in the area.

The projects below began in 2021, and full implementation will take several years.

  • Rue Michel-McNabb
  • 1280, boulevard Perrot
  • 1210, boulevard Perrot
  • Rue Charles-Lemoyne
  • 64e Avenue

Presentation: Vision and Housing Projects


Council invited residents to attend an information session on its vision and upcoming residential projects at NDIP on February 4, 2021. Interested individuals were able to register to attend the meeting on the Zoom platform (pandemic requires). To view the PPT presentation, click on the link below:

Présentation : Vision et projets domiciliaires (French only)