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Dear residents,

Your council’s June session again took place via video conference. If the COVID-19 situation continues to improve, in July, we will be pleased to once again hold our sessions in front of flesh and blood human beings in our parks. Who could have predicted that something as simple as meeting together would be missed!

Life is somewhat back to normal in NDIP. As of June 29, our day camp will be open for children whose parents must work away from home. Free outdoor activities are also back. Yoga sessions and fitness stations are already open, with outdoor zumba and the launch of the pump track to start in the coming weeks. Remain vigilant, however. The battle is not over. With this in mind, Council approved a contract to clean and disinfect play structures. The play structures in our parks will be disinfected on a daily basis. Of course, making sure your children wash their hands remains essential but, with parental supervision, our youngest residents will be able to play with reduced risk. Of course, all these measures come with a cost to the City. We are in the process of determining the precise cost and will certainly be looking to the government for financial assistance.

The pandemic requires creativity. Staying true to our reputation, we have gone outside the box to offer you innovative activities that respect physical distancing. Thanks to the wonderful collaboration of Quinn Farm, movies will be shown at the farm to create a truly Île Perrot version of drive-in theatres. The full programming will be announced shortly. Definitely, a new experience not to be missed at NDIP!

Your mayor,