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Dear residents,

NDIP is closely monitoring the progress of the Coronavirus epidemic. Members of the Organisation municipale de mesures d’urgence (OMSC) municipal emergency response organization met to review the most recent recommendations of government and public health organizations and to assess the role that we could be called upon to play in this regard. The City of NDIP is currently preparing to deliver essential services in the event we are forced to close municipal buildings. We strongly encourage you to follow the government’s recommendations, including frequent hand-washing and the avoidance of public places if you have the slightest concern. We all have an important role to play in helping authorities and the health care system slow the progress of this epidemic.

Signs of spring are becoming clearer every day. As weather permits, our teams will begin the City’s spring clean-up and open our various park facilities. Tennis, skating and basketball enthusiasts will soon be able to enjoy their favourite outdoor activities in our parks.

Your mayor,