Hot Topic: Megadomes – What’s New – September 2014


In response to requests from farmers, the municipal council has decided to allow the construction of fabric buildings, known as megadomes, inside municipal boundaries. For farmers, megadomes are a practical and cost-effective way to store hay, farm equipment and all kinds of machinery.

However, the municipal council realizes that the construction of megadomes will affect the landscape because of their size. The bylaw will provide for measures to minimize the visual impact of the megadomes, such as rules regarding their location and the planting of trees to help integrate them into the agricultural landscape. The usual procedure for adopting bylaws will be followed, and a presentation will be given to residents in the next few weeks. With complete transparency, the municipal council will ensure that amendments are made to account for the needs of farmers and the expectations of all residents.

We are confident that we can develop a bylaw that will accommodate all the parties.