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Yard Waste
Yard Waste

Yard waste collection

In 2024, yard waste will be collected in NDIP on Wednesdays, every two weeks, from May 1 to November 27. 

Accepted waste includes plants and leaves, grass, garden and flower-bed waste, hedge clippings, small branches less than 1 cm in diameter. Paper bags and reusable containers (metal or plastic garbage can or plastic bin) are the only accepted containers. Plastic bags will not be picked up. And let’s not forget to consider grasscycling and leafcycling!

This fall, leaf bags will be collected as part of green waste collections.

Leaves must be placed in paper bags or reusable containers only. No plastic bags will be collected.

The purpose of these collections is simple: to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills and, most importantly, to revitalize this resource by turning it into compost, a 100% natural fertilizer. By participating in these collections, citizens contribute to preserving a healthy and ecological environment, while reducing waste management costs. It is important to remember that since May 2006, we have been required to pay the provincial government a fee for each ton of waste ending up in sanitary landfills. Therefore, composting dead leaves is a beneficial measure both economically and environmentally.