Online Water Meter Reading

– Determine where your water meter is located. In most homes, the water meter is installed in the basement, on the front wall of the house (near the main water supply shut-off valve).
– Between July 15 and August 15, take note of the figures shown on the digital display (left to right).
– Click the Online Water Meter Reading link.
– An online form will appear.
– Fill out the form, making sure to complete the required fields : Name, Address, City and Lecture.

  • If your water meter measures consumption in or litres, enter the digits from left to right that are the same colour (do not read the needles).
  • If your water meter measures consumption in gallons, enter all the digits from left to right, including the zero at the end (do not read the needles).

New: Under the new Family Action Plan, families with four children or more under the age of 18 may now request that the tax-exempt volume (base amount) for their residence be increased (from 250 m³ to 300 m³). To be eligible for this increase, you must:

  1.  Live on the property, and you or your spouse (or both) must own the property.
  2. Have four children under 18 who live at home.
  3. Be the parent or legal guardian of each child.
  4. Use at least 250 m³ of water per year (this is true if you normally receive an excess water consumption bill).

How do I request an increase?

The following documents are required:

  1. The birth certificate of each child
  2. An ID card that shows your address, as proof of residence

There are several ways to provide the documents:

  1. Submit them with your meter reading, in the appropriate section of the online form.
  2. Email them to taxation@ndip.org.
  3. Present them in person at a point of service, that is, at the one-stop centre (in Marie-Uguay Library).

For more information, please call 514-453-4128.