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In December 2019 the City of Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot adopted a contract management bylaw pursuant to section 573.3.1.2 of the Cities and Towns Act. The bylaw applies to all contracts that incur expenses for the city and contains  the terms and conditions for awarding certain contracts.

Councillors, officials and employees of the municipality must follow the provisions of the bylaw and are responsible at all times for applying the policy in the performance of their duties.

The bylaw applies also to agents, to consultants retained by the municipality, to bidders in an invitation to tender, to parties that win a contract in an invitation to tender, to all co-contracting parties and generally to any party interested in contracting with the City.

At least once a year, the City files a report on the application of this by-law at a council meeting.

List of contracts worth $25,000 or more

Pursuant to new legislation on contract management, it is now possible to see the list of contracts worth $25,000 or more that the municipality has awarded in a given month. The information will be updated monthly, after the public meeting.

Visit the Government of Quebec’s Système électronique d’appel d’offres [electronic tendering system] website.

List of contracts over $2,000 totalling $25,000 or more per supplier

On or before January 31 every year, Ville de Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot is also required to publish on its website a list of all contracts involving an expenditure of more than $2,000 awarded in the previous fiscal year to any given supplier when all of those contracts involve a total expenditure of more than $25,000. 

Policy on the receipt and examination of complaints in a public contract award process

Since May 25, 2019, municipal organizations, including Ville de Notre-Dame de l’Île-Perrot, have been required to examine complaints they receive regarding their public tendering processes and their notices of intent to enter into a contract by mutual agreement with a single supplier. Complaints may be made by interested persons within the meaning of the Act and are limited to contracts valued at $101,100 or more. The procedure for receiving and examining such complaints is set out in the attached policy:

Politique relative à la réception et à l’examen des plaintes dans le cadre d’un processus d’octroi d’un contrat public

All complaints must be filed using the following form:

Complaint Form Filed with a Public Body

and forwarded to the attention of Catherine Fortier-Pesant, Legal services Director and City Clerk, at