Residual Material Collection

Yard Waste

Autumn Leaves Collection

This Autumn, leaves will be collected in NDIP on Dates to be determined.

Leaves must be placed in paper bags only.

Where: Door to door
When: Saturdays, November 2, 16 and 23
How: Place bags at the curb on the night before the collection. Collection begins at 7 a.m.

Autumn Leaves Collection

In 2019, yard waste has been collected in NDIP on Mondays, every two weeks, from May 6 to September 23. Colelction dates for 2020 will be determined later.

Accepted waste includes plants and leaves, grass, garden and flower-bed waste, hedge clippings, small branches less than 1 cm in diameter. Paper bags and reusable containers (metal or plastic garbage can or plastic bin) are the only accepted containers. Plastic bags will not be picked up.

Yard waste bin

The Municipality has set up a yard waste container (for grass, garden waste and dead leaves) at the Municipal Workshops. Yard waste is sent to a compost site. Branches are not accepted, since they are picked up monthly.

You must place yard waste in recyclable paper bags or empty your containers or other types of bags directly into the yard waste container. Please come during regular hours of operation.